This song always makes me feel good. #movingday

Alone in our empty house, waiting for the landlord to show up. She’s an hour late. I never thought I would be sad to leave Hinesville, but I’m fighting back tears because I just said goodbye to my best friend, and I don’t know when I’ll see her again. I always hoped to make friends in Georgia, but I never expected to meet so many amazing people that have touched my heart and made life better in the last 4 years. Saying goodbye isn’t easy. I will miss you guys. Off to start a new chapter….

Deuce is crying because he is going to miss his doggie bff. #bff #movingday

Need for Speed and some awesome caprese pops made by my man. #jessepinkman

last night 🍻

our most attractive faces @caviarandcigarettes_ @anthonyjanos #bff

I left my tomato plant to fend for itself while we were on vacation for two weeks.. and came home to red fruit! Although it looks on the edge of death lol #greenthumb #brownthumb

haha yesss @alyssastorms Day 2 of the journey back to Georgia is off to a good start. #whowantstoknow

on the road again..

open sesame

floating with mom

Abby’s mom made us a snack platter. #partytime