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studying and memorizing every beer, wine, shot, cocktail, and every single brand of liquor the bar carries has me feelin’ thirsty 🍻🍷🍸🍹#boozedaytuesday

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mmm chicken gyros on my homemade pitas and garlic rosemary wedges. #foodporn

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I made pitas! And I’m pretty impressed with myself, because I’ve never played with yeast before & don’t own a rolling pin (though an empty wine bottle wasn’t too hard to find πŸ˜‰).

Once upon a time,

I was the least likely person to stand up for marriage. I’m a child of divorced parents. My own mother has been married and divorced three times. My dad’s parents are divorced. My dad’s father has been married so many times we’ve lost count. I’m incredibly liberal. I’m a feminist. I’ve had the nickname “Negative Nelly” in the past. By all accounts, I should be anti-matrimony, but I’m approaching my 4th wedding anniversary.

I feel like I am always being confronted with marital stereotypes. “They exist for a reason, right?”

We get it, you’re never getting married, because you believe in stereotypes, because you’re bitter, because you’re burned. Good for you (I guess). If you believe that is what marriage is, don’t get married.

But what is the point of being a hater?

What do you get out of dissing marriage on social media? You want a pat on the back? You want to feel validated by like minded people who are also never getting married? You’re annoyed by wedding albums and want to annoy your married friends?

I see this sort of proclamation often: “Everyone is getting married and having kids and I’m over here blah blah blah.” …. And? We all take different paths and not one of them is “right”. Do what makes you happy, and let others do the same.

The older I get, the more I understand that criticizing other’s life choices is a reflection on your own insecurities. I guess it’s the liberal in me. Why care how someone else lives their life if it’s not hurting anybody ?!

You know, I never see married people posting something like “I’m so glad I’m not one of you single people struggling to find love.” (And if you do, what kind of assholes are you friends with?)

If you see a photo of a happy couple on their wedding day and feel grossed out, maybe it’s time to examine why you react negatively to other peoples’ happiness.

The End.

This is what Deuce does when he doesn’t want to run anymore….

channeling Gordon Ramsay.. my first risotto #fingerscrossed #foodporn

This is why I prefer to do the grocery shopping…